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Hey guys I’m a complete novice when it comes to wiring and relaxing my headlight bulb. This is a 1974 Motobecane Cady and I’m not exactly sure as to if I’m missing parts for my headlight for the bulb to go in and I don’t know how to wire it properly. Please give me any help/ advice you can. The wiring all leads into the cover plates of the engine it’s more just the headlight part I’m confused on, also the horn cable has been cut and I dont know why, neither does the seller supposedly. Bike runs fine I just need some aesthetic advice.


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Here are some more photos of everything, I’ll leave the horn photos for the end as a bonus, main issue is the headlight.


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Side view


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Could possibly remove the whole headlight and put some modern led replacement there but that feels like a cop out


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The horn button


Re: Headlight motobecane

The oddly clipped wire


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The bulb for the headlight is missing the tab for the center electrode of the bulb. The bulb would screw into the pentagon shaped hole and the center electrode would touch the tab which used to be across the pentagon hole.

For wiring the black wire goes to the terminal attached to the pad at the back of the nacelle, the grey wire hanging at the switch goes to the missing tab.

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Brian Aplin at Aplins of Bristol likely can help get that fixed, he has so much NOS parts and knows all of the Motobecanes as his shop used to be a dealer back in the day.

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Thank you rebel moby I’ve found a seller for a new headlight casing and parts, what kind of bulbs would the headlight take?

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Mark Daniels at Mopedland has some screw in base headlamp bulbs available


or you can hunt around for some screw base 6v torch bulbs.

> Ano Magaisa Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Thank you rebel moby I’ve found a seller for a new headlight casing and

> parts, what kind of bulbs would the headlight take?

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