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So, I’m currently looking for my first moped (my sisters got me hooked). I found a kinetic TFR In my area but I have no idea if I should pursue it. My husband is super handy and can most definitely work on it.


Here’s the description:

This was my first moped and I bought it as a project a couple months ago. I bought it running. Sadly my dad passed away. And I need money for his cremation. It needed a new clutch when I bought it, I put a brand new clutch on it and it and after that a professional told me I broke the wooddrift key. Need money. Will sell today. Selling as is. I bought two extra woodrift keys that I'll throw in. Comes with one key its a 49cc so you don't need a tittle. Need gone ASAP.

Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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What are they asking for it?

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These bikes were $400 new in 2001 I believe, so keep that in mind

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Might need to confirm your state laws. No title/registration means a PITA to get a moped street legal in most states. That cuts the value significantly of a bike like that, depending on the price, could be worth 50% less. Do some research online for parts. Supposedly, Kinetics are copies of Vespa made in India, if I remember correctly

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^that is correct

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I have had two that I rescued and I was very impressed with the reliability. The electrics are very good and have bright lights and the "no battery" turn signal feature.

The brakes are the best ever.

Even thought the bikes sold new for 400 means nothing in todays market. The ones I rescued I sold here in CA for 700.00 and got no complaints.

They have one dangerous flaw. While riding with your feet on the highway pegs you tend to forget these bikes have the lowest hanging pedal cranks of any bike and when going to hard and sharp into a turn the lowside pedal can gouge into the pavement washing out the grip of the back tire and down you go

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^ I never understood why they had those extra pegs.

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This one doesn't appear to have foot pegs.

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Looks like they were removed, I would for sure re-route that fuel line if you get it, that is an issue waiting to happen.

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That carb setup is interesting.

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