Stolen ONYX RCR - Denver

Hey guys -

My Onyx just got stolen outside of Movement Climbing Fitness last night in the Baker area of Denver. Parked it out front (locked to itself) around 6pm and by the time I left the gym at 8pm it was gone.

Pretty stock looking, only improvements I made are side mirrors, turn signals, and rear pegs. Picture attached is the most recent I have.

Hoping to get some cctv footage today but we'll see. Heard this was a good place to post about it so keep an eye out for me if you're in the area. Thanks!


Re: Stolen ONYX RCR - Denver

Good luck recovering it! My dad lives in Stapleton and works at UCH, I'll tell him to keep an eye out.

I trust you filed a police report with the serial number? I can't imagine they'll hang onto it for very long since they don't have a charger. Hopefully they dump it somewhere recoverable or try to offload it on Craigslist/FB marketplace.

Re: Stolen ONYX RCR - Denver

Yes, filed a police report with VIN number. Hopefully that's the case, I'll be searching frantically for it. Thanks for keeping an eye out :)

Re: Stolen ONYX RCR - Denver

Check the “camps” lots of bike parting going on.

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