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Last night I bought a Sachs KTM moped. I think it’s an 82, but it’s hard to tell because everything on the VIN plate is in German. I’m more familiar with the Chinese bikes, but this seemed like a good deal. It needs a few things to run, but it looks sharp. Anybody know anything about the Sachs?


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The plate on the right side of the engine gives the speed rating, upon first look I thought it was a C but I could be wrong.

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It's got an A on that plate. It reads Sachs 505/1b Aust A. It also has the VIN, and the engine size, but there is nothing in the box that shows the year. In the other box on the fork it says 82.


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That's unfortunate, you have the slowest model. They're still good bikes though

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Pushrod Fifty /

Thats a killer bike. Check out how to derestrict it, cant be too hard.

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If its too slow, just throw an e50 on it.

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Chöschi21 C.K. /

not as easy if it has a 505 like this one.

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Jimmy Cincinnati /

Wouldn’t that mean he has the “B” motor? Which would be the 2nd slowest model? I thought it was the letter following the 505/1b not the A after that

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Yeah its the 505/1b, just find yourself a new crank (44mm) and a D jug and piston, then viola! 505d

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Pablo Puchasso /

> Chöschi21 C.K. Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> not as easy if it has a 505 like this one.

I think they just have a bracket that converts the frame from the overseas (e50) model to the american (Sachs) model. Take the bracket out and you have a Puch frame more or less

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Is that really the only difference between the Sachs and the Puch?

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No, not at all. But this frame was originally designed for a Puch engine. When imported to the usa they fabbed some adapters and mounted the Sachs 505...505 has pedals on the engine, puchs have pedals separate othe swingarm mount.Wiring is different...blah blah

Regardless that a sweeeet bike. To get it up to 30mph you'll need a cylinder swap....the d motor had the longer stroked crank and 49cc cylinder=much better and 34 stock no problem. Look up Sachs engine differences in the wiki.

Without swapping the crank you could do a mild build with the 70cc Athena kit...maybe a 14 or 15 bing carb and low end or stockish pipe.But wouldn't want to take it too far. Sachs clutches are notorious for being the weak link on the otherwise great engine so if you want reliability, keep it under 40mph and make sure you don't get there too quick.

Or you could get a two speed manual 505 from Willd and have a very neat slow bike. super sad I sold my clinton years ago. Would totally rock a slow twisty. (edited)

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