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I'm saving this pile of shit Balboa. I'm not going to call this a "build" as it's just a repair.

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awesome work!

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I do like patina , but , that new red sure looks sharp . ;)

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As much as I appreciate originality and a bit of patina this refugee from the scrap pile needed some heavy sand blasting and paint. There will still be patina. I didn't fill all the rust pits, small dent and imperfections in the gas tank chrome, handlebars need straightened and shined, as well as the fenders. The gas tank was almost spotless inside for some reason and the epoxy primer and Case red paint were free from a friend who used to work for PPG, so that's a start. With the cost of the ped and the C engine I'm in this for around $100 so far. It'll be $300 before I'm done, including tires, pipe, and other bits. That seems to be where I always end up. Looking forward to that foot brake...

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> Frank Bailey Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> handlebars need straightened

I keep a old manual pipe bender just for such 'occasions' . ;)

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I gave up on the handlebars. Low or mid-rise from Treats might be best. Might actually run before snow.


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Ok, a few test runs and it maybe hits 35. Still fiddling. Have to paint headlight shroud, source or fabricate a rear front fender bracket, buy a front brake switch, and decide to make the Samdo Tach/Speedo stop jumping or give up.

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Looking good!

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