Peugeot 104 and the Summer of COVID

So if you saw my previous thread, earlier this year I found a really cool French moped shop in Benin. My experience there really inspired me to find and restore an old Peugeot. I wanted to do a BB1, but then Dos popped up with one of their fun sell threads, and I decided to buy this 104.

Overall, the plastics were in pretty nice shape, and the motor itself probably could have been run as it was. But given that I wanted to go through every bit of the bike, I decided to rebuild. I reused the original crank and case, but installed new bearings, seals, cylinder, gaskets, etc etc.

I also decided I wanted to keep it as stock as possible, so even though I know it's almost sacrilege to Peugeot folks, I kept the 12mm Gurtner. After coming to terms with the fact that the float will not seal and you have to turn the fuel off as soon as you stop, it's been pretty reliable.

I didn't take photos of this, but whomever had it before had swapped out the internal ignition coil with an external coil. Overall, seems like a good idea because the stock coils are known to fail, but they had mounted the external coil in a spot where it stopped the motor from fully variating! I wonder if this is what caused the original owner to sell it because it wasn't "running right."

The 15" whitewalls were not easy to track down but I had to have them. Also regreased and packed the wheelbearings - a horrible, thankless job.

Did my best to paint match as the tank had some bare spots that needed painting, and the rear luggage rack was really rusty. Eyeballed some Sherwin Williams swatches because I couldn't find an actual paint code.

Found these amazing vintage honest-to-god moped saddlebags that fit perfectly without modification. Paid way too much for them, but c'mon look at them!

New-to-me seat and painted rear rack

First long-ish ride. 20 miles around DC at 33 mph max, probably around 30 on flats. Perfect stock moped speed.

Lessons learned - I should have replaced the condensor from the get-go even though my spark seemed okay. It forced me to chase down some issues that should have been a non-factor. I would have liked to have spent more time sanding and polishing (and possibly repainting) some of the plastics. I also learned that brake cleaner is murder on plastics and I will be more careful next time.

I had a buyer lined up early in the process and so it's already off with a new owner and I actually didn't lose money in the process. Of course, I didn't make anything for my labor but I'm happy I essentially broke even on parts.

I actually think I would have spent at least a few more days touching things up, but he was impatient and wanted to get riding before we lost the last bit of warm weather, so I let it go. (edited)

Re: Peugeot 104 and the Summer of COVID


gurtner liiiiiiife!

Re: Peugeot 104 and the Summer of COVID

Beautiful machine, no shame in a gurtner, so much hate, I guess I have just gotten lucky with them, white walls are the shit! You had a real unicorn there, hope you enjoyed the ride.

Re: Peugeot 104 and the Summer of COVID

Beautiful bike man

Re: Peugeot 104 and the Summer of COVID

That is a sweet bike, love the saddle bags!!

Re: Peugeot 104 and the Summer of COVID

SO dang excellent


Re: Peugeot 104 and the Summer of COVID

I adore this bike

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