Re: Suzuki K11 / K10 / K15 - Oil Pump Question

Thanks for the input, they are a bit pricey. I did find one for an Suzuki RV90 (the answer to the CT90), and replacement carbs are only around 20$, it just came in, replaced the jets with the recommended jets (85 jet (i got this from a rebuild kit i had when i thought i had a salvageable carb), and the most i get are a few pops.b The specs on the RV 90 are pretty close to the K11, uploaded a video online to show you the progress.

See below on some screenshots on amazon:


So i think compression is good, and assuming the carb is functioning correctly, so it has to be the spark that is letting me down.

After a bit of digging here is the timing i found online:


So it looks like the Degrees (BTDC) is 27, or .131 inches or 3.34MM. Is that 3.34mm behind top dead center on the magnetic wheel? Let me know as i am very much a newb trying to get this thing up and running this week.


Re: Suzuki K11 / K10 / K15 - Oil Pump Question

BEFORE top dead center . ;)

Re: Suzuki K11 / K10 / K15 - Oil Pump Question

hey guys,

if any one owns thsi bike, i know the spec recommends a 17x2.5 tire, but treats is out of the ones i want. Will a 2.75 fit? Just wondering.


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