Motobecane runs backwards ??

So I’ve been trying to tune my vlx50 for the past couple days since it didn’t have any spark ever since the flywheel came lose. Got into the flywheel and clean the points timed it at 1.5 mm Btdc Started it and now it’s running backwards. I used a buzzeti timing tool to find the exact position. From my understanding when your too advanced or retarded ? Not sure what’s going on here. Should I try to time after tdc ? Also I have a 74cc airsal kit 15.15 del carb Doppler exhaust

Malossi variator.


Re: Motobecane runs backwards ??

timing is backwards. you have it down stroke.

Re: Motobecane runs backwards ??

The fly wheel spins clockwise I found tdc spinning it clockwise then I spin it counter clockwise to get my 1.5 mm btdc or it did it wrong ?

Re: Motobecane runs backwards ??

Tyler is right. The cam must have moved when you put it on.

Did you find the highest point the pin would move on the timing tool? Then lock it in with the set screw and then move it down 1.5mm?

Do you have a light to check it?

The Wikki does a good job explains it.

Re: Motobecane runs backwards ??

no groms no blasters /

The bike runs forward. It is your understand of the concept of direction that is backward.

Re: Motobecane runs backwards ??

Well I got it running correct Ahh back to normal. Thanks Tyler and Erich. Appreciate it fellas. Stever you d-F. Lmao.

Re: Motobecane runs backwards ??

Pushrod Fifty /

Thats one mean pipe you have!

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