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Re: Moped Army Secret Santa 2020

Glad ya got it! Not sure if ya had a SLEX or not

Re: Moped Army Secret Santa 2020

Wow! Way to go everyone! At this point we only have three Secret Santas that have not checked in with a shipping update. To those of you who have not received a gift yet, if these remaining Santas fail to check in before February, DCONS have you covered and will send something out before Valentines Day.

Remember, if you just got your gift, please post some pictures or a video! Your Santa wants to see your reaction!




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Re: Moped Army Secret Santa 2020

Got these tonight! Gonna fire up the famicom tomorrow! Thanks Ellie!! I love them!!


Re: Moped Army Secret Santa 2020

Ha ha! Knock off famicom carts that's great!! A good buddy of mine spent some time in Hong Kong in the early 90's and gave me a ton along with a really old 72pin adapter .

I haven't had time to take photos of mine yet but it did arrive and is awesome.

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