Zeros YouTube Questionnaire!

Heyyyya moped army, the Zeros will be filming a new episode of Shot Talk shortly, so post some funny topics or questions for us to talk about!!

We also just got a new shop! Have any questions, suggestions? Edward Koipond-isms? Post em!

Re: Zeros YouTube Questionnaire!

Will Malort be banned from the Zero's shop? (plz say yes)

Re: Zeros YouTube Questionnaire!

> Steve Schoch Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Will Malort be banned from the Zero's shop? (plz say yes)

IDK man one of our prospect keeps drinking it!

Re: Zeros YouTube Questionnaire!

Perhaps the malort fairy will bless us with another bottle when that one runs dry.

Re: Zeros YouTube Questionnaire!

SHA memes


Re: Zeros YouTube Questionnaire!

10 million sha memes, no shot talk topics, whatcha got for us!?

Re: Zeros YouTube Questionnaire!

Jack Rutherford /

I always thought it would've been great to have a moped in college but got into it after college. I'm sure you've got some great stories about the college days and getting all your friends into mopeds. And I'm sure you've got more details on the progression from garage to shop to others shops and advice on buying a building for that purpose. Also more info on the scene and the people when you first got involved would be great. And I enjoyed hearing about the beginnings of treatland.

ha ha, I keep editing. I should also mention the moped code you brought up that was immediately apparent to me the first time I went to Detroit and Toledo meeting outstanding people like Davidde, Alex, Rodney, Damon, Roger, you, Elliott, and many many others. (edited)

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