Treatlands Puch maxi 12 volt cross over

Dougllld Williams /

I'm having trouble with treats 12volt system switch bike fired up for awhile but when throttled with a load on it it dies has not fired up since I know it's in the ignition do I need to add a regulator to the system being it Sparks with a 6 volt the lights being 12 any help would be much thanked just did a complete motor rebuild with a polini kit and can tell when she is done I'll have a nice powerful ride it's killing me I can't ride her

Re: Treatlands Puch maxi 12 volt cross over

Post a link or photo of what stator you have. If your ignition source coil has one wire, the ignition circuit will operate independent from the lighting circuit.

Re: Treatlands Puch maxi 12 volt cross over

todd amundson /

The treats 12 volt coil has nothing to do with your points system if that’s what you’re running.

Points gap to small?

Coils rubbing on the flywheel?

Blue/black wire grounded?

Bad condenser?

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