16" wheels on a Maxi.

I'm building a maxi for my daughter to ride around the neighborhood with me. I've lowered it two inches so far. She can touch the ground while sitting on the seat. I think she will be fine. But she wants a set of mags on it! I've been eyeing a set of 16" mags which would lower it 1/2" more and give her more stability at a stop. Has anyone ever done this?

Re: 16" wheels on a Maxi.

todd amundson /

Yes it can be done but the rear needs the brakes and drive sprocket on the same/left side. Also the freewheel on the right. Some 5 stars are like this. Some 16” grimecas as well.

Re: 16" wheels on a Maxi.

I had a slammed maxi and it was fun.

5 star 16in mags.

You can also get shorter shocks if you run 16s

Re: 16" wheels on a Maxi.

i have tomos mags on my magnum. my front fork is also from a tomos sprint and that wasnt hard to mount. rear wheel is mounted in a MLM swingarm, custom brake stop (big bolt in a hole i drilled) and the rear sprocket was a giant PITA... tomos dirtbike sprocket trimed down with an angle grinder (was too wide).

the effort was worth it though. brakes are way better and ride height dropped.

Re: 16" wheels on a Maxi.

I cut and welded a spare set of factory fork shock tubes to be a little shorter. And removed the normal 12" rear shocks and replaced them with 10" tall shocks. I can put 17" mags on it and she will be able to ride. But 16" mags might give a little extra clearance to the rear fender and help her out some. Plus, it'll look super low, cool, and fast. I think.

Re: 16" wheels on a Maxi.

16" korado mags are sick looking. They will require a little bit of work to get the brake plate in the rear to work. I had to drill a hole and use a large bolt for the new brake plate stop.

Re: 16" wheels on a Maxi.

Took me awhile but I tracked down euro maxi 16" 5 stars (thanks dos cycles!) They are real puch wheels so they are bolt in

Re: 16" wheels on a Maxi.

I bought a set of 17" 5 star mags that were listed on here a few days ago. I think he is from the Netherlands. He has/had a 16/17" mismatched set also. Im thinking that he could source me a set of 16" 5 stars.

I would like to see a pic or two of it before I do it.

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