Moped video stuffs

Making moped content. Check it if you are into that sort of thing. Do people like mopeds?

I have another couple videos I'm working on and will be filming another ride today so hopefully I will keep on adding content. Also plan on some wrenching videos. I just suck at planning and shooting those ones while I am also working. It would be better if I can film someone else working so I can get proper angles and such.

Hope you enjoy.

Re: Moped video stuffs

Mark Younggren /

Nice vid. Maybe a quick tour around your bike with the camera and add your set-up in your bike description.

Re: Moped video stuffs

Good call mark!

Re: Moped video stuffs

Mabye some trains in the video's also. Haaha

Re: Moped video stuffs

Sweet mustachio bro

Re: Moped video stuffs

> Aaron Blair Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Sweet mustachio bro

Ha! Thanks. My wife said it would be the MVP. It is actually attached to a whole lotta facial hair.

Re: Moped video stuffs

More moped stuffs. Second video is up and some older things...



Had some ideas for the next ones.

Re: Moped video stuffs

Ha! Moped tuning woes...

Re: Moped video stuffs

Man I still get a kick out of this one. I know some you can relate.

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