Mlm hobbit subframe covers.

I'm in the prosses of planing a hobbit build. I'm thinking of running a mlm subframe but plan on riding it pretty much daily. My problem is I don't like the idea of the drive belt and variator pulley being splashed with salt mud and sand. Thinking of comming up with a cover for it. If any one has any ideas or even posibly interested in one if I made more than one I thank you for your input. As I come up with designs I will keep you all posted. (edited)

Re: Mlm hobbit subframe covers.

If you’re riding off-road that’s a good idea.

If you’re on streets mostly don’t bother.

Re: Mlm hobbit subframe covers.

There are quite a few gravel and dirt roads around my area. And I do tend to take short cuts along creek banks and trails when going across town.

Re: Mlm hobbit subframe covers.

Sometimes an open trans is better.

If you get water inside a cover it stays wet for longer and rusts more. But good luck with the project.

Re: Mlm hobbit subframe covers.

Open trans is not sick if you get your belt wet. It slips like crazy then power wheelies you into a tree.

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