Re: SF Eastbay ride Sunday March 7

Just ride your moped there. Start now, you'll make it in time. Ha!

Re: SF Eastbay ride Sunday March 7

🇮🇹💦 Of the Loin /

Nah, I'd just worry about fixing my van the whole time

Have fun y'all and everyone say hello to Jake Spangle for me

Re: SF Eastbay ride Sunday March 7

That was something else. Marathon castro valley and back ride.

I am Fucked up jesus am i outta shape.

My arms are gonna fall off from all those twisties and keeping my body on the bike.

Thx everyone for coming.

Re: SF Eastbay ride Sunday March 7

No sir, thank you for sharing those fun twisties. I feel you on being out of shape. I would be hurting a lot more if I wasn't on that cushy tomos seat. Next time I will be better prepared for those hills.


And like a stupid rookie I didnt dump my gopro before I left and the card filled up too fast. I will post what I did get. All probably 2 minutes of it.

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