Vespa clutch show and tell

Chris Carleton /

Are either of these Euro? I'm thinking no.


Re: Vespa clutch show and tell

campeona del mundo /

the one to the left is

Re: Vespa clutch show and tell

Chris Carleton /

Treats carries shoe set for clutch on the left but description says nos variated early style doesn't say us or Euro. I bought the Malossi spring set for it but don't seem long enough. Any help here.Thanks

Re: Vespa clutch show and tell

Here is a video where that are swapping springs in that style euro clutch.

Re: Vespa clutch show and tell

todd amundson /

I too thought the one on the right with the tri-wing collar was euro?


So I think this is a US model rear clutch that came stock on my ciao. I installed two gy6 shoes on gy6 posts that are welded into holes that are actually pre drilled into the backing plate from the factory on the clutch. Therefore measuring post location is already figured out. The shoes dig into the bell as opposed to the stock rotation where they drag along the bell surface like stock. Weaker springs are necessary. Great clutch.

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