Florett 1966 good buy?

Picking up later today a 1966 florett.

To put in perspective I’m from south western Ontario, Canada. Just wondering if ive potentially struck gold or struck myself in the foot. It’s definitely a project as it’s not currently running. But from what I see only I should be able to get all the parts I need to get it running. I’ll try and attach a photo I took of the bike. The engine is there and complete. Turns over well and has great compression. Just not currently on the moped.

Re: Florett 1966 good buy?

Great find, Kreidlers are probably the best built mopeds out there. Most parts are easily available but they won't be cheap.

It definitely isn't a gold mine if you want to restore and sell it, if you want to keep it you have a fine moped though.

What engine does it have?

Re: Florett 1966 good buy?

Tbh I’m planning on keeping it for a while and get it running while keeping the patina. If the rust was much further I’d be looking at restoring it all the way. But with the way it is right now I’m enjoying the look. However once I collect all the missing pieces I do plan on doing a full restoration. As I hat have new parts mashed in with patina. Never looked right to me. Only thing I think that doesn’t deserve is safety things like tires and wiring. Not sure on motor but I do happen to have the picture from the ad with the motor in the bike


Re: Florett 1966 good buy?

I couldn't see if it was a Dutch export from the other side, but the "NL" sticker answered that question. If there is a dealer sticker on the rear fender i would love to see a picture of that.

I think you have the 3 speed hand shift engine, which is not that desirable which makes it a bit cheaper to find a replacement.

This is probably the model you have, you can also email Kreidler database your "Vin" number and he can give you all the exact specs and a certificate.

Boot2thehead also has a Kreidler so he might be able to help you with some things.

Re: Florett 1966 good buy?

Good find, that's some awesome patina ;)

Re: Florett 1966 good buy?

oh man wow that's soooooo pretty. and the seat is somehow intact? what?!

NGL, that's probably the best score i've seen this year

Re: Florett 1966 good buy?

There's something "Art Deco" cool about those 50's and 60's bikes that I like a lot. I wouldn't mind seeing one fully restored with original paint scheme.

Re: Florett 1966 good buy?

Generally I feel most full restorations subtract all life and personality from a bike. The things have been around for over half a century, have it show its age with pride ;)

Re: Florett 1966 good buy?


She is home at the shop now!


Re: Florett 1966 good buy?

Time for some fun . ;)

Re: Florett 1966 good buy?

I believe this is what you were after?

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