Poll: turn-key mopeds

Jesse Nordlander /

We all know how temperamental these machines can be. It's also a given that mopeders are generally hoarders off cool stuff, usually more mopeds.

How many machines do you having running, turnkey, today?

In my case, 6. 2 others ridable, but wouldn't go too far. Still have 8 that only need alot. I have been hooked for the last 20 years. Just since fall got a place with storage, and aquired 15 projects. So happy to be in a moped rich area.


Re: Poll: turn-key mopeds

Seems like you may have enough to keep you busy until next month . ;)

I have one turnkey noped . The very same one for the last 12 years .

I don't have room for more , nor do I want any more , at the moment .

Re: Poll: turn-key mopeds

1 slow but stable build

2 rippers but with caveats (watch the temp gauge / if it starts to struggle to idle give it gas etc )

1 that's just a bunch of parts but it's a bike in my dreams

Re: Poll: turn-key mopeds

1 very slow (13 mph 1 hp) but reliable stocker. Soon to get it kitted so I can actually ride in traffic.

Re: Poll: turn-key mopeds

Turn key? I think that's about other shit. If we're talking about 25%/ quarterkick everytime, then it'd make more sense.

Re: Poll: turn-key mopeds

roots to wings /

you mean besides the one waiting to get painted and the one i broke an exhaust stud on right after completely rebuilding it with a new kit?

Re: Poll: turn-key mopeds

I have at least two bikes running at all times so me and the wife can ride. A running bike for me is a 1/4 kick bike that idles on its own.

I constantly take apart running bikes to make changes to them. Recently I had 4 running bikes, but mopeds do their own thing.

Re: Poll: turn-key mopeds

1 total turn key, 1 running but needing little details addressed, scaling back on bikes.

Re: Poll: turn-key mopeds

Moped Lar (OFMC) /

Three stock peds, all turn-key.

Re: Poll: turn-key mopeds

1 used to be turn-key, then i put a scooter cylinder on it...

1 is "running" but needs cables and stuff.

1 is in need of a total restoration.

Re: Poll: turn-key mopeds

Brandon Weiss (Detective brandon to you) /

At the moment I have 4 turn-key bikes...ciao, garelli team, tomos lx, and a variant.

Have an Rd50 that starts quarter kick and runs, but runs hot and needs some troubleshooting.

Cimatti 86 shifty that runs, but also needs some tuning.

Then there's a Monza GT, a Maxi LS2, Maxi Sport, and a Laguna sport that are all projects but are close to running, although they need a good bit of work to be reliable.

Re: Poll: turn-key mopeds

Probably Fred /

Pretty much


that are complete/not a parts pile, Not showing hand but I’ll say six are registered/plated for use.

Re: Poll: turn-key mopeds

Jesse Nordlander /

Down to 6, additionally the minarelli super rat, and a maxi.

It takes some serious motivation to keep them up. I burned out on them years ago, trying every way not to do it again.


Re: Poll: turn-key mopeds

Hey Jesse, I'd put some kind of a nice tufted pad on one side of the milk box there, and it looks like it might be real comfy to lean back on while riding. I'd cover the whole box in padded green velvet - Green shag carpet if you can find it, which would look great in the wind, but velvet provides an aura of added mystery. So we go from, " I wonder what is in the milk box ?" to " I wonder what is in the green velvet box on that green moped ?" See ? Completely different deal. I have a bunch of books on upholstery........

Re: Poll: turn-key mopeds


Cimatti gran prix xl with polini kit, polini carb, circuit pipe. Starts right up everytime, I trust it on long rides. Only let me down once when the plug decided not to work anymore.

V1 powered race "bicycle." Track use only, 60 hours on it, been racing it for three (4?) Years now. Hasnt blown up yet, will sit for months and still fire right up.

Batavus Bilonet Super Sport shifty. After finally getting the gears to work, starts first easy kick, all the electrics work, and ready to ride.

Ducati Piuma 48. Haven't touched it in months, rolled it out yesterday and started after 3-4 pedal rotations. Rode around the block and everything still works.

Testi Grand Prix shifty. Can sit for months and an infant could kick start it. Everything works, shifts great.

Then there's my racer pacer. Worked fine till I started the ultimate V1 motor experiments. On hold till I finish up some other projects.

Italjet Conquistador 90cc shifty? Uh, still chasing sneaky little Italian gremlins.

Re: Poll: turn-key mopeds

At christmas I had 5 running. Now I am down to 3 that should get moving within an hour, and probably 2 of those are ready to go within a few minutes actually. So let's say.... 1 i have 1 bike ready to go.

Just give me 10min to make sure. Ha!

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