Hi newby here

I've had this after my father in law passed years back. Any help identifying it ? Year, model ? Thanks very much


Re: Hi newby here


Find the VIN plate to determine the year.

Re: Hi newby here

Well it says most of what you need to know in the pics. It is a yamaha chappy. The vin plate, usually on the front of the headset or on one side down near the engine mount area, will tell you the year the bike was made.

Sweet bike. Get it cleaned up and running proper and have some fun. Consider replacing the cables and tires if they are cracking on the sides. Ask questions if you get hung up on anything but do search the wiki first as it has loads of info about your bike.

Re: Hi newby here

That one looks to have pegs vs pedals, is it an 80cc? It's a Chappy, either an lb-50 or Lb-80

Re: Hi newby here

I had one just like it I loved that thing.someone pinched it though so I'm restoring a champ.my chappy was a 72 lb80

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