Close enough



Re: Close enough

NaILeD iT!

Seriously, that is awesome and scary looking.

Video coming soon?

Re: Close enough

Now Photoshop your bike over the one above.

Re: Close enough

I hope that it is just the stock cyl on that e50. Sweet build.

Re: Close enough

That's pretty cool, but where do you put your feet?

Re: Close enough

todd amundson /

My Blata will still smoke you. Kit that sucker

Re: Close enough

that's amazing

also blata are no joke haha, i always wanted to try one


Re: Close enough

Got a couple of bits and bobs left to do. Foot rests, air filter, jet it, etcetera.

Speed is of no importance as I’m building it as a bit of a toy for my nephew and niece of 7 and 5 yo. My 6ft6 will not fit it. ;)

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