Sunday May 23 east bay ride

I miss group rides and rallies, so we’re doing an east bay hill n valley ride. Be prepared for twists n turns n thrills n pills n chills n dills.

Sunday May 23 is the date. Meetup at sea wall drive at the Berkeley marina at 11, leave at noon. . Should be warm hopefully! Route is TBA still but you know how we do it.

Ok then!


Re: Sunday May 23 east bay ride

It is a blessing and a curse that my work schedules us out almost a month ahead. But now I gotta see if I can get my shift covered. #partimelife

Hope to see you guys out there again!

Re: Sunday May 23 east bay ride

Meow meow may 23 ride meow


Re: Sunday May 23 east bay ride

Shit my work just posted the schedule for that week. Damn! Gonna see if I can get the shift covered... (edited)

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