My Motobecane Sebring 1980

Here is my Sebring I bought two days ago!

It runs around 20-25 mph though I'd like to get it to 30-35 regularly atleast. Right now I can go 30 if I'm on flat/downhill though it definitely takes at least 10 seconds to reach there. Rides really well and is hella fun but its just under that perfect speed for keeping up with traffic well.

It seems other sebring owners have gotten a "polini kit" but I've got no clue what that is lol, also looked as if I couldn't find a compatible kit. if anyone has any ideas on how I should go about this I'd appreciate it! I've also never taken apart a moped or done any mechanic related things period. Kinda the reason I bought it so I could throw myself into it and learn.

(it has a Morini MO2 Motor)

Re: My Motobecane Sebring 1980

Dont have one but by reading above theres a 20 25 n 30 model. Carb size would indicate what you have. Read the numbers on the side.

Re: My Motobecane Sebring 1980

Upjet to a #56 and open up the airbox some. Make sure the exhaust isn't clogged or buy an aftermarket performance pipe with that upjet. and a new spark plug. 28 psi in the tires.

You have a much sought after bike. (edited)

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