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Anybody know what happens if you swap the engine out? How do you fill out the "engine number" part of the REG 230 form?

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it's $19. i just did a 230 form and sent a check for $25 and they even mailed me a check back for the extra $6.

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good to know (that the DMV web site is totally misleading!)...thanks.

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doesnt matter if you pay 18 or 19. i did 18 cause it was on the form and they took it and printed out saying i paid 19. if the buck is really important to you, of course.

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bumpin this one for pilipo. see that plate in my hand? i didnt get it by being wrong! hahahahahahahaha TRUST ME FOOL!!!

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this is great info, if I keep a copy of this form (while i'm waiting for the plates), and in the slightest chance I am pulled over by the cops, you guys think this would suffice? I certainly hope so!

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i would wait until the papers and plate come before really getting out and riding. usually if i am just riding around my neighborhood i will tell the cops that i am repairing the bike and test driving it. that usually works for local riding of my not yet registered mopeds. if you want to go farther than that, watch out! cops in california know as much as your local dmv office about moped laws. any hint of something shady will spark their interest. but since they know little to anything at all, once you show them your california plate and something with california dmv information on it, they leave you ALONE!

the good news is that california laws are very lax and so are the cops. for the most part, mopeds arent that big of a problem, so there is no real set protocol or system that is used when pulling over riders. meaning there isnt going to be any chp radar sting operations on mopeds so you shouldnt have to worry. other than title/registration issues cops can really only pull you over for moving violations or emissions/street modification legality (like if you have performance parts on your moped that alter its street legal classification). so, as long as you have your registration and plates and ride smart, you should be ok!

my advice is if you are worried about getting pulled over in california have your registration card and plates with you at ALL times. also, just be on the look out for cops! most mopeds get pulled over because cops are confused, they think its going too slow for a motorcycle or too FAST for a bicyclist... unless you are doing something completely stupid, you should be fine. and if you see a cop PEDAL!!! you want to show the cops that you are a MOPED and not a small motorcycle. even more important, you want to look as less intimidating as possible, I.E. PEDAL YOUR PEDALS AND LOOK LIKE A BIKE!!!!


if you are cruising around your hood for a short ride just tell the cops you work on old mopeds and you are repairing it BUT if you decide to go on long rides, wait until the papers and plate come.


if you arent doing anything dumb like showing off your new racing parts on the street, cutting off cars or wheeling by cops at 60+ mph, the only real reason they have to pull you over is because of title/registration information, so have that on you at all times. if you see the cops follow standard road speeds and laws.


cops, like the local dmv office, dont fully understand mopeds. they dont know the laws and frankly they dont really even know what makes a moped a moped. to emphasize that you arent a motorcycle, PEDAL YOUR PEDALS. this makes the cops less intimidated by you while also showing them that you have pedals which means you couldnt be a motorcycle. when they see this, they leave you alone.


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seriously!!! you've made this so easy for me! i just bought my first moped.

thanks fellow rider!!

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Thanks for all the info!

I am about to buy a moped and I have some questions, if the engine on the moped has been swapped or the number can't be found what do I do? Can I send in the reg230 without the engine num and still get it registered? And the person I'm buyin the ped from did some performance work so if I lie and say it goes 30max, would the DMV try to inspect it at all?


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) Cupermcnewbster ( /

avoid los gatos dmv. I went today to transfer registration, and it took nearly an hour and 2 managers. It got done, but the tried to get me to acknowledge it was a special construction or some bs.

If you need registration ASAP in the South Bay, hit up Santa Clara DMV. Never an issue there.

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The DMV doesn't inspect ANYTHING. Who has the time or money?

I registered my Hobbit through REG230 solely by mail.

Form, money, postage -> plates, ID card. Done.

I did swap my shitty engine for a better one, so now my engine serial # doesn't match. And I powdercoated my frame, so the VIN got mostly filled in... :(

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So you registered and now you have swapped engines. But I thought the question/worry was: if the thing has been registered long ago and you're applying for transfer/reg card, and it was registered with a certain vin/engine #, but now the engine has been swapped, can you just fill the form in with the new engine #, or just leave it blank.

At least, I was wondering this...

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ok, when filling out the reg230 you should be able to transfer the old vin and new engine number over to a new registration card/plate. just make sure that you fill out the information as a transfer of ownership, since the vin may have already been registered. then you should be fine.

as far as aftermarket parts go, you are only screwed if you get pulled over. if you get caught speeding in the bike lane at 50+ mph, its a good chance that a cop will know you have aftermarket parts and will ticket you. for the most part they dont know whats up, so it shouldnt be a problem. DO KEEP IN MIND, however that aftermarket parts are for racing and performance use ONLY. not really for the street. it is not legal or suggested by this website or this thread to use performance parts. but there is a portion on performance tuning on this webiste ;)

as far as going to the local dmv? PSH, not worth the hassle or the risk of possibly getting your ped registered WRONG. if the dmv doesnt know what they are doing, they can possibly mess up your registration permanently. sure, if you need your ped registered next day, you can always take a chance but it really pays to mail it in and wait. why wait hours to find out they did it wrong? again, if you really want to ride while you wait for the plates, just ride it around your house. that way if you get pulled over, you can merely say you are working on the moped and should be fine.


Transfer your moped with new engine with the reg230

merely fill over the reg230 as a transfer with the new vin and engine numbers.

Aftermarket parts dont need inspections

as it has been said many times, if you have aftermarket parts, keep it to yourself! dont mention it on the application and dont worry about an inspection. they DO NOT care about moped registrations that much. frankly, you fill out the paperwork and they send you plates. its no big deal. the only way to get caught with aftermarket stuff is being stupid. meaning, you are speeding 50+ mph in the bike lane in front of cops. dont be dumb!


it is a pretty well known rule here. DONT GO INTO THE OFFICE!!!!! mail in your reg230 form and wait. for the most part, the dmv office knows squat. the worse part is they will most likely try and make up a way to register your moped. it will probably be the incorrect way and set you back even more. if you just NEED to ride your moped while you wait, just ride it local (around your home). that way if you are pulled over you can explain to a cop that you repair mopeds and you are taking it on a test drive. of course again if you dont do anything stupid, you should be fine anyway. dont be dumb out there and get pulled over

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Thank you thank you thank you!

One more question, if some retarded person(person I am buying ped from) happened to register a moped incorrectly (as a motorcycle) would it be possible to undo the horrible deed and register it as a moped?

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This info has helped to relieve my anxiety about getting my moped registered and dealing with the DMV. I purchased a Motron 2 days ago and prior to making the purchase, stopped by the DMV to see what needed to be done, as the seller told me over the phone, that he had no title, the bike had no plates, etc. The DMV gal gave me a gang of forms to fill out and said to bring the bike in for inspection...

The 230 form will make this process very easy. I do have a couple of questions though:

I was looking for the VIN on the bike and the only thing I have is a 4 digit number on the metal plate below the handlebars. Could this be the VIN???? I just got back from the DMV to see if the bike had been registered sometime in its 30 years of existence and using this 4 digit number, I was told nothing came up. The lovely DMV lady did not say if this was due to the number I had being wrong, or because the bike was never registered. SO - Should I only fill out sections A and D of the 230 form or still do section C as a transfer of ownership???

I want my contact with the DMV to be a minimal as possible and want to send in the 230 form today or tomorrow so that I can be riding legally before the winter sets in!!


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sorry, i have actually been out of town for a while. i would first try and find some more numbers. older bikes dont always have the same amount of numbers for the vin but 4 seems pretty weird, so you may want to check on that. other than that, you should be ok.

if you think it may have been registered before, or if it is an older bike that has been in california for a while, i would do it as a transfer of ownership. i did a whole post just on that as well. if you look through the thread, you will see why i say this. anyway, good luck!

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they won't register if it's been reported as stolen, which it should have been. that's why they will register no matter who you bought from as long as it's not reported stolen. most states have some kind of process for abandoned vehicles/lost titles. in wa you have to write to olympia to public disclosure for last reg owners last know info, then try to contact them by registered mail. if it comes back unopened they'll let u register.

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do you not have to have insurance on a moped? I am getting moped plates for my 125cc vespa and hoping to avoid insurance issues. I see lots of non mopeds with moped plates so I don't think thi will be an issue

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

what is the engine number on a maxi? e50? or should i be looking for something else?

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

no groms no blasters /

_I am getting moped plates for my 125cc vespa_

u dumb

_what is the engine number on a maxi? _

it's the seven digit number stamped on the engine. e50 is the engine model number.

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

do you know where its stamped?

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

if im ending in a new registration and tranfering ownership, how do i get both a new id card and a plate. it only asks you too check one box, but i need both. help!

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

5 weeks and nothing step? or just resend it

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I was given a moped in California with no title, but with plates. Only problem is that i live in Oregon. Can I get a california ID card in my name with my Oregon address? I want to register it in oregon but I believe I need a title (or cali id card equivalent) in order to get an oregon title...or am I doing it wrong?

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dave, if they have cashed your check, they are processing your paperwork. have they cashed it?

the DMV is, uh, a bit understaffed and overworked right now (because of the furloughs). expect delays or drive to the Corte Madera DMV to get your plates (if you are anywhere near it).

you can call the info desk at the main 800 number and give them your vin# and ask them if your paperwork has been processed and/or if the plate is on its way. they should be able to look it up in the computer.

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just got my vespa scooter moped plates simply by sending that form in with $19 Hopefully I don't get stopped. thanks

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(Quote Absent)

I feel a bit like a dick for even thinking this, but….

\(this story is not about a moped)

I am in Ohio. I have been watching an abandoned motorcycle for three years. we found the guys name (I know a cop).

The landlord has been trying to get rid of it for three years, and doesn’t know who it belongs to. It was left there with a broken clutch cable. The motor turns over.

This is a small town; all the bikers have been watching this thing (more out of curiosity than anything else, it is a weird bike, but I am the only person that seems to want it)

It is a very ugly Yamaha SR 500 single-cylinder 500 CC beast.

We have been trying to find out how to get it for years; we can’t get a bead on the guy after he moved to Dayton years ago.The landlord wants it gone but won’t help get rid of it.

I wonder if that information about this moped would help?

Basicly, we’d be stealing a three-year abandoned bike that no one currently living in the apartments can identify anymore.


Contact the DMV and ask them for information about how to deal with abandoned vehicles, most jurisdictions have a regulation that covers this. Where I am if a vehicle has been abandoned for more then a year on someone else's property, with no contact from the vehicle owner, then the property owner can have it removed or even transferred to his name. Think about it, how would storage facilities get rid of vehicles when the owner of the vehicle doesn't pay for storage?

California Registration, no paper work, plates...

SWEET!! I got mine off the old lady you bought it new. Never tagged or anything. Its been just setting in her garage for 30 years. I have been looking over my shoulder when i ride. Now i can tag it and chill. Thanks man!!!

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can I use the plate from my other moped (witch is registered in my name) and put it on my new moped? while Im waiting for my new tags to come>>>

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

Tobias, do not do that. You would be committing fraud and

wont believe what happens next even when it's happening.

You will lose that ped and the the plate for the other bike

thats already registered. Plus you will unleash such a

shitstorm of tickets and court appearances you'd think a

ton of brick had fellon you.

Just wait for your plate or ride without one and play dumb.

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