Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

i believe its called a lien sale

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

Question: Can I have an out of state license and use this? I'll be moving to LA in March and want to have plate immediately after I move into my new address.

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

I don't think so unless you are a full time student.

If you reside in CA you have to have a CA drivers license.

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

Wait, they dont ask for an License number on the form, forget it.

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

yeah but the form doesnt ask if you're a full time student or for a license number.

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

you can register a bike here without a license but you'll need a CA license to ride it. the cops are sticklers about out of state licenses.

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

cheetahchrome, that is bad advice.

most people who mail their registrations in make a copy of their application form and carry it around with them, so if the police stop you, you can show them that it has been taken care of and you are just waiting for your plate. if you did not xerox the reg230 form, just refill it out and date it with the date you sent it in and sign it and THEN xerox it and carry it around with you. this, in fact, makes you legal and should prevent any cop from impounding you.

I don't wait anymore. I just drive up to Corte Madera and get my plates.

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates


what do you tell the cop?? when they ask for registration>> "this is my bill of sale" IS that enough?? a little more info.....

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

this has been posted zillions of times before, so do a search.

to repeat the info:

1) fill out REG230 form.

2) make a copy of the signed form and carry it with you in your wallet until you get your plate and reg.

3) send in the form and wait about 2 months for your plate

(note: your check will be cashed long before you receive your plates in the mail).

I have never shown a bill of sale to the DMV for a moped. they don't ask for it on the mail in form/procedure.

the alternative to the above procedure is to find a DMV that has moped plates and go there and take care of everything in-person.

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

PS if you go to a DMV that either doesn't have moped plates or doesn't know what the procedure is, god help you, you will be totally fucked with. if that is your only alternative, then use the mail.

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates


I did not give bad advice,

If you knowingly display ficticious plates or plates that belong

to another veihicle then you my friend are committing the

crime of fraud.

Your telling this eager young man that it's ok to commit

a crime as long as he has a note from his mother.

He may not have gotten his plates because the bike has been

flagged as stolen, in which case the DMV will not tell you anything

by mail nor will they cash your check or return that check to


There is in the eyes of the law a vast difference between what

is legal to do and what is cool because you did'nt get caught


YOU should open a book and close your mouth.

your advice is bad.

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

there's no need to get personal here.

I never told anyone, on this forum or anywhere else, to display fictitious plates. show me where, in the above, I say or even imply this? the answer is nowhere.

I made it clear that many people have been making copies of their Reg230 forms before they mail them in. If you are going to ride with pending plates, which most people do, then this is a safer way to do it.

This is far better than "Just wait for your plate or ride without one," as far as advice goes. A cop is not likely to impound your bike if you actually have registered it, and can prove that with documentation, but the materials haven't come in the mail yet. Everyone knows how backed up the DMV is right now. This is far safer than riding with nothing at all and, as you advised, "play dumb."

Not that it means anything, because it doesn't, but I'm pretty sure I've read far more books than you ever have or will in your lifetime, cheetahchrome.

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates


My apologies, I did get personal and missread before I posted.

Tobias, the best you can do is wait for the mail. That is the surest way to avoid legal hassels.

A good night to blast.

Yes, Up to the store for some libations.

no license? no problem.

"Are exempt from the motor vehicle financial responsibility,

driver license

, and moped plate requirements (VC

yeah you need license.

Section 406(a) VC

refers to a moped or motorized bicycle as any two or three wheeled device having fully operative pedals for propulsion by human power, or having no pedals if powered solely by electrical energy, has an automatic transmission, and a motor which produces less than 2 gross brake horespower and is capable of propelling the device at a maximum speed of not more than 30 miles per hour on level ground.

Motorcycles, Motor-Driven Cycles, Motorized Bicycles/Mopeds (Section 406(a) VC ) -

A helmet meeting Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218, self-certified by the manufacturer and displaying a 'DOT' emblem must be worn by all riders of motocycles, motor-driven cycles, and motorized bicycles/mopeds.

Motorcycle, motor-driven cycle, motorized bicycle/moped (Section 406(a) VC)

- Must obtain an M-1 or M-2 endorsement on a driver's license.

- M-1 allows the driver to operate a motorcycle, motor-driven cycle and moped

- M-2 allows for operation of a moped or motorized bicycle only.

Re: no license? no problem.

m2 no problem

what about insurance?

Re: no license? no problem.

M1 not M2


what about the insurance?


That's a grey area... I dont have answer to that. Depends do you need it or not. Are you feeling lucky enough or not.

The DMV does not need a prove of insurance cause there is no need for moped to renew registration every year. (Unless they send you a letter claiming that you need prove of insurance or they cancel your registration, it did happen to me on my motorcycle)

The cops on the other hand may asked for a prove of insurance if they stop you. They will see you vehicle has license plate.

For me ... if shit happens ... at least somebody will cover my ass for others property damage.

I am still learning all these moped requirement and registration process.

I am familiar with motorcycle registration, not moped. I have many motorcycles that was barn find. Most of them I had to retitled since they all bought only with bill of sale.

Re: Insurance?

how did you retitle them? (real bikes not mopeds)

i have been told i had to have the registered owners sign a pink paper

" request for duplicate title" but how am i supposed to know who has the title?

im not familiar of how it works could you explain it to me?

Re: Insurance?

Let say you bought motorcycle with bill of sale only.

Make an appointment with the local CHP for VIN verification.

On the appointment day, bring you motorcycle, bill of sale (reg 135 form), all paperwork (old registration) and reg 227 form(or the CHP will provide you one). The engine has to be attached to the frame. They will not do VIN verification for the frame only.

CHP officer will check the frame number, vin number, and engine number, they will check the national database (takes about 15 to 30 min). Then the officer will fill out the second page of reg 227 form.

Fill out the first page of the reg 227form also

Fill out reg256 form item C,G,H

On item G fill out with these information

---How, when, and from whom the vehicle was acquired.

write "i saw the add on craiglist and bought it from mr.x on so date"

---What efforts were made to obtain evidence of ownership and why it was unobtainable.

write "mr.x tried to find the title/registration of the vehicle but he could not find the paperwork since the motorcycle had not been use for more than a decade and been abandoned in his garage/property"

---The current value of the vehicle.

write "I (your name) bought the vehicle for $ -- per current value for the condition of the vehicle when it was acquired."

Bring all the paperwork to dmv office... you don't need to bring your bike. Pay the fee for retitled (cost about $150 ish)

They will give you registration And plate (if you decide to do non-op, they will not issue plate)... They will send the title by mail.

And you need to buy insurance...or dmv will send you a letter to cancel your registration.

hope this help

Re: Insurance?

For duplicate title (for motorcycle), you need to fill out a statement of facts form and state that there is no title and whatever the circumstances were when you bought it.

cheetah, I hope you got some good drinks!

Re: Insurance?

Nah, It started pouring rain when I got to the end of the street

so I beat it back to the house and ate a bowl of Captain Crunch.

God my diet is so poor, I'll be lucky to see 50.

Re: Insurance?

Switch to honey nut cheerios or multigrain cheerios.

Re: Insurance?

same for a green sticker?

i have an IT 490

its not a street legal bike

could i possibly stick on some turn signals and register it as a dual sport?

Re: Insurance?

Joaquin Ortega /

I just wanted to post here to thank all of the contributors and the OP. I got my CA plate yesterday and used a lot of information from this thread and others. With out it, I probably would have just given up.

Thanks again everyone.

California Registration, no paper work, plates...

Hey, anyone know if it matters if the VIN and engine numbers are the same on the reg230? I heard they need to match to get registered, but I have a 77 Ciao with what I am pretty sure is the original engine, and the VIN or serial number and number on the engine case are way different. Should I put the serial number as the VIN number and the engine number as the engine number or just put the serial number in both places as I heard the DMV won't except it if the two numbers don't match. If anyone knows where this is true or not or what I should do that would be very helpful. Thanks.

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

Ryan, use the vin# number off the frame in both places.

Dont ever consider the motor number as relavent to registration.

Your moped frame is what the DMV considers as the "vehicle"

I dont know why they have a line for motor numbers.

The Registration paper they send you does not show motor

numbers, only the VIN#

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

i just sent a bunch of papers. plates soon.

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

Once I used E50 and they took it. on my last two bikes, I did not include the engine numbers.

Re: California Registration, no paper work, plates

i wish i lived in ca pennsylvania has the strictest fucking moped laws that cost like $110 after fees plus you need insurance and the little registration fee is annual

I should just get someone I know in ca to register my ped in my name at their address and just confuse the hell outta philly fuzz and save money

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