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Very cool color, the ones in my lake are very brown color.

Carp is edible if it comes from a clean source of water !

What I’ve done before is fillet it, careful not to hit the Mud vein which is just under the skin then being careful to remove that with skin (it also helps if you soak fish in a little salty water for a day or two in the refrigerator if you’re going to got it try cooking it whole but I’ve never done that)

Cut in chunks, season them, put in some flour egg wash and throw it in hot peanut oil,

I’ve pulled chunks of meat off avoiding the vain yes you’ll waste some of the fish but it’s not like they’re not plentiful,

I’ve had people eat them and they thought they were eating striped bass Ha ha

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Unlike Hungarians, I don't eat carp. At the lake i fished at you used to be able to take home all the small carp for consumption but the owner got fed up with all the Hungarians (gypsies) lying about how much carp they caught so now its only sport fishing.

The carp in the picture is the only one of that kind i caught, all the other ones where like this but there was noone around to take pictures of me with the carp.


This one was 70cm or "a couple of feet and some inches" in your crazy system.

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That mirror carp is awesome, nice catch!

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Re: Fishing

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> Ana L. of the Aurora Roras Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Tasty!

Yep being naturalist, outdoorsman, hunter, fisherman being able to live off the land anybody is dumb as a box of rocks if you don’t eat that fish or wild vegetables whatever to live

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A few nice bass from the past few weeks

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