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> Stephen Keller Wrote:

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> Absolutely, it does have a drivers side air-bag, but who knows if it

> would still work, and even if it did, the thing is so tiny not sure if

> it would help, had both windows down this fall, and it was almost like

> riding a motorcycle! I love my big American Iron, but this is a VERY

> well built/executed example of a whole 'nother way of looking at the

> automobile. Quit drinking about 6 yrs ago, so not worried about crashing

> anymore. I LOVE how well built this car is. The Crown Vic is very well

> built as well, just in a very different way. The poor thing is just

> rusting so badly, I wanted to keep her out of the salt this winter, I

> need new front quarters and the right rear is really bad, but so much $

> into the Ford, I think I will do the body work, and just keep it, she

> rides like a Lincoln. Only 168k on it they are good for 200-300-k easy

It'd be worth it to find a Merc MarQ or CVic in nice shape. Like I did with the Aerostar ped van. Worth it thru the coming yrs.

Re: Car for moped prices...

They are around, the CVP are nice, but I don't care for the bucket seats and rubber floors, as for the Merc's, I don't like leather seats, and most don't have the dual exhaust, that is a must for me, my 97 is a nice car, getting a new gas tank in the spring and new quarters, so much into it and only 168k miles, shifts like new runs so smooth. I have the "highway " rear end, not the posi, so not fast but have seen 29.9 highway mpg, from an albeit small v-8, rides like a Lincoln. cloth bench seats, so comfortable. All new: springs, shocks, rear brakes, calipers rotors and pads, sway bar links, oil pan, plugs wires etc etc et al. 4 New tires too, and a full size spare. The rust makes me sad, but the ride makes me happy.


Re: Car for moped prices...

^ain't she a beaut? :)

Re: Car for moped prices...

NICE car,but getting old. JK cause they will run 300K a lot of times. I liked the Marquis seats better. Some were cloth,some leather. Owned at least 3 or 4 of them from 88 on til 95 model. Great cars and good road mpgs.

Re: Car for moped prices...

woud love an '88, square body!

Re: Car for moped prices...

It was a good one Stephen. I had it painted and replaced the engine at 200K or so. Just kept running and running.

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