The Mystery of the Red QT50

Back in 1984 I bought a brand new red Yamaha QT50. I drove it for a year or so and sold it. Lost track of it, lost interest in small bikes. About 8 years ago I saw a red QT sitting in a friends garage, unused and forgotten about. It was a 1984, had about 4000 miles on it. I bugged the wife in all the ensuing years to sell it to me, but no deal. All of a sudden last September she said "Come and get it. Take it. For free. Since our kids grew up we haven't used it and we know you used to have one just like it." Two days later it was running but boy did it howl something crazy bad loud. I suspected a bad crank bearing so I took apart my first single cylinder 2 stroke engine. Seemed kinda small after 40 years of working on VWs, Ford V8s, Toyota 4 bangers, Briggs and Stratton Twins, and other assorted bigger stuff. It was a bad bearing. So new bearings, seals, gaskets, de-carbon top end and muffler resulted in a quiet running engine. So then it was repack drive shaft bearings, wheel bearings, new tires, new brake shoes front and rear, free up or replace cables as needed, carb overhaul, repro seat cover with lettering, OEM mirrors, new fuel and oil lines have brought all the maintenance up to date. The only modification was a free flowing cone style air filter that got me back to 30 mph with no re-jetting and just a little 4 stroking at that speed. Since the bike was always in a garage the chrome and plastic have held up quite well. The gas tank had been drained years ago so it was clean and rust-free. Happy, Happy, Happy!

So the mystery : Is this the same red 1984 that I bought brand new? They didn't remember where they got it. ( Definitely not stolen. Not their style) No papers have been found. I don't have any documents from the one I had. So a trip to DMV with a picture if the VIN asking about former owners got me this reply " we can't give that info out until you're ready to license it, but we can tell you it hasn't been registered in a long time." I would love to do a another VT reg, but that doesn't get me the NY info I want. So I guess I'll go the route of lost registration which is possible in NY but difficult. That is probably the only way to solve the Mystery of the Red QT 50!


Re: The Mystery of the Red QT50

Probably the same one. I hope it is. Good story!

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