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There's a puch maxi in the movie bumblebee (I saw the film with my family last night). In the film, the maxi is de-branded, ie. stripped of its decals. The moped is also ran extremely rich, 4 stroking for the entirety of the movie. The bike is also THROWN on the ground and disregarded as trash. In the movie the young lady who owns the bike is poor. That is a false representaion of the people who could afford mopeds. The only people who could buy a moped were rich white bois (not specifically males). Like HEK

" I don't have 500 dollars"- well ya got a moped. I just wanted to be mad and tell you all that Micheal bay and his accomplices in this disgrace against mopeds have committed mortal sin by abusing a helpless puch maxi for 1 hour and 54 minutes. I hate you Micheal Bay and may the moped gremlin haunt your every waking moment.

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And again, where is that Puch now?

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