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I stopped watching when the refs took over with that bogus holding penalty on the Rams. Drive killer in a game that either team could hardly score.

Saw that and said `well, the refs destroyed another game. Hail to the Refs!'

The Cheatriots did it again. Praise Bill Bellicheat to the highest!

ONLY coach that was EVER fined half a million bucks, PERSONALLY, for cheating and they praise him. LOL!

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superbowl sucked. I mean im not very into football, and it's the only game I watch all year but it's fun to get into it and join in other people's funtimes. except that one wasn't fun, there were like zero memorable plays (apparently only memorable bad penalty calls... .BOOOOOORING)

I don't think that the patriots didn't deserve to win, they beat everybody over and over again. cheat or no, you've gotta be either insanely good at cheating or insanely good at football to get all those championships. Doesn't mean I like em, even growing up in new England, but it's pretty impossible to actually believe it wasn't an ample plethora of skill that got em that win. I mean the Edelman dude was absolutely killing it.

And yea, to the original post, that halftime show was the lamest shit ever. I want katy perry with dancing sharks and giant mechanical tigers and missy Elliot surprise guests, not somebody's couch pillow taking it's cover off and singing catchy mindless drivel. (tbh I can tolerate mindless drivel, but at least ham it up with some pageantry!)

Best part of the whole show? Gladys knight. hands down

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Patriots are good, very good, but how much of it is cheating? Once a cheater always a cheater...……………………...what's a half-million dollar fine to Bellicheat now? Chump change.

Kinda funny that the team that has been to the most Super Bowls has been time and again accused and once even the team fined for cheating.

Re: Super Bowl

Snoozefest got even more boring.

Re: Super Bowl

I haven't watched football in two decades. 62 degrees in Feb, I was riding my derpi all day. Screw a bunch of pro sports consumption......

Re: Super Bowl

Didn't watch, was lucky enough to be invited to have dinner with my best friend and her family, a much better time. :)

Re: Super Bowl

I stopped watching at half time. Boring, boring. chitty chitty bang bang beat the bell out of it.

Re: Super Bowl

It WAS boring. Nobody could score hardly for three quarters of football. Brady got pressured or the score would've been way higher. Old Tom can't take much heat anymore.LOL! (edited)

Re: Super Bowl

Yea, I don't really watch for the game, it's about getting together with folks and having fun regardless. It's not really my bag, but it's way more fun to have fun

ex: I'm not into oing out and dancing at clubs, but if I've got friends going I'll join, ham it up, and have a blast anyway. way more fun to roll with it and build off of other peoples excitement than to bail or try'n drag their excitement down I think

totally get wanting to do your own thing too. sometimes that's the best

Re: Super Bowl

Well, I was watching for the sport, and it was a dud. LOL!

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