The Dead Pinto

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I came across this picture of a pinto on facebook. From a post by a guy who was closing down and liquidating a motorcycle scrap yard.


So, I decided to drive 5hrs one way and pay $50 to pick up this dead pinto that has been sitting in the field of a motorcycle salvage yard for decades.

I had a blow out that destroyed my fender the car was in sad looking shape, but continued to make the trek.

After making it back I made the obligatory post to the face book group soley based on pictures of loading and unloading mopeds.


My first response came from a hater, who I rebutted and called out, he fucked off..

Looks like I can't post anymore pics in this post, I'll reply with more pics and the continuation of this saga.

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Why is this in Off-Topic

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Here are some pics of it once I got it to the garage..


I've been spraying it down with PB Blaster, letting it soak, and taking inventory.

Looks like it will need:



Front Rim

Handle Bars

Pedal Crank



DJ Lou from the magnetos was cool as hell and offered to hook me up with a couple parts

The bike is kind of a side project, but I just wanted to rescue it. Mopeds are a piece of history and hard to find and it makes me happy to restore and preserve this one instead of writing it off.

Re: The Dead Pinto

Chöschi21 C.K. /

Why Handlebars, Pipe and Pedalcrank? it seems to have those and they don^'t look that bad.

Re: The Dead Pinto

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I'm going to copy and post this in General Discussion

The bars are rusty as hell, but in theory could be used.

The pipe has a section missing that has been rusted out.

The pedals crank is bent and very rusty, maybe can be saved...

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Josiah Radebaugh /

What condition is the engine in?(edited)

Re: The Dead Pinto

> Chöschi21 C.K. Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Why is this in Off-Topic

because general discussion is for motorcycles........

Re: The Dead Pinto

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I don't know how to delete this thread, but I have moved to general discussion.

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