Tiny Whoops

Anyone into Tiny Whoop drones? I just got into the hobby about a month ago, it’s dope and pretty addicting. Love to hear about some setups or makeshift gates anyone may be whooping!


Re: Tiny Whoops

I have a tiny Sharper Image drone, but I have never taken it out of the box...instructions are confusing, may just sit down and mess with it some day....but i think drones are cool as fuck...just hard to wrap my analog mind around, I have seen drone racing on ESPN2...that is amazing to watch.... I like the one in your picture...tell me more about it, what do you do with it, race them? What?

Re: Tiny Whoops

It’s a 65mm tinywhoop, you can get all the parts on amazon or get a ready to fly for around $100, plus goggles and a controller. You should try out the one you have! Not sure if it’s FPV but I’m sure it’s still fun to fly. A few of us whoop indoors, just racing around or doing obstacles. They can take a beating, be tuned, and parts are cheap - if you’re into them definitely take the plunge!

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