Dick Dale R.I.P.

Overpriced Parts /

A big influence on me, had the fender sound I liked

And he played the guitar backwards strung with thick string on bottom like Jimi Hendrix


Rip brother

Re: Dick Dale R.I.P.

Alex Fredericksen /

RIP. He was supposed to be playing in Chicago later this summer. Was looking forward to seeing him. Sad.

Re: Dick Dale R.I.P.

So weird, was just listening to his last album yesterday and then I heard this!!

Re: Dick Dale R.I.P.

I always had a hard time getting along with alotta the rockabilly dudes that geeked out a little too hard over the guy, but always liked his jams. Been listening to alotta Link Wray lately too.

Re: Dick Dale R.I.P.

I remember him from growing up in huntington beach. Check this vid of him.

Re: Dick Dale R.I.P.

King of the Surf Guitar!

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