pleather patching

Say... Any old timers remember that vinyl roof, and other vinyl products patching kit from the 70s? Came in assorted colors & patterns you would iron on with?

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Yeah, I fixed a 5" mar on the Lincoln's side bolster where the seatbelt rubbed thru the leather.

The stuff surprised me. It's still holding fine. You slip a backing cloth under the tear and use the glue under and over. Then you apply the liquid leather that hardens and color it to match.

Re: pleather patching

Brad William /

i used a kit from dollar tree once to fix a two inch tear. for a buck is was more experiment than anything. little blister pack with a 3" x 3" patch of cloth, little plastic pot with about 1tbsp if repair goo, and tiny plastic spatula. cut the patch to fit, insert beneath the tear, spread/smooth goop, let dry. still looks great a few years later. amazed for a buck (edited)

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I think the kit I bought off Amazon was 17 bucks. Yeah, one dollar is crazy good for something that works.

Re: pleather patching

What aisle Brad, remember?

Re: pleather patching

Chöschi21 C.K. /

Hmm, could give it a Try on my old Dennfield Saddle.

Re: pleather patching

fine corinthian leather. (edited)

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