Re: Should I Buy a Chinese Moped?6

I've done the chineese scooter thing. They are fine. They are ugly, disposable, and prone to breakage, but they are fine.

I had a tao tao or two that were simple fixes. Adjust the valves and that will fix 80% of your problems.

I had a honda spree that I never could get to work right and parts were expensive if available at all.

Find a moped. They are so much cooler and can be more dependable.

Unless its a vespa, scooters are fugly.

Re: Should I Buy a Chinese Moped?6

Josiah Radebaugh /

I dunno, steel body scootas are pretty neat. Most modern trash looks like garbage though. Look at the Yamaha Zuma fx50. Fun to ride but nice' n ugly.

Re: Should I Buy a Chinese Moped?

there's no way you can't enjoy a scooter. it's like if someone dropped a pocket bike in my lap, or a motorzed bicycle or one of those go-ped things, hell fucking yes i'm gonna have a dumbass fun time riding it around until it breaks, and then if it's not eworth fixing you scrap it and come out ahead on cost! am I gonna ride it as my primary transportation? probably not. maybe if all else fails - we had a shitbox china scooter as a loaner - it usually worked if you couldn't get your moped to run for a group ride. sometimes referred to it as the "loner" as in - all aloner... cuz you didn't really wanna ride it. I led one of our rally rides on it. shit was dumb funny

but seriously if you can't figure out how to have fun with a scooter, you've got some serious self reflection due

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