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> Funny thing I'm 54 and I just realized the groundhogs are woodchucks I

> never seen a groundhog chuck wood though they're sort of like beavers

> without the water or the dam building

Used to have so many groundhogs(whistlepigs, woodchucks) that the farmers would ask me to get rid of em. They knew I shot groundhogs for sport.

NOW the coyotes have thinned them so much they're not a problem anymore.

Now I would love to thin the coyote population, but just don't have the time.

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We have coyotes in the burbs, last week this lady let her porch pisser outdoors , her kid heard a yip, watched a yote scamper away with the little dog by the neck.

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Yeah, they are always near. They always worry me when I think about little kids straying from the house. How many kids disappear and are never found?

In the East and Central US ,the coyotes are way bigger.

On my way thru Indiana to Illinois one day I saw an Irish Setter-sized coyote and it stood there on the berm with no fear of the 4-lane traffic.

It was so tempting to hit him with the Aerostar...……...I hit the horn instead and it just stood there looked at the van coming . Probably should've hit it and took the damage.

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When I was a kid the family would go to Yosemite Park for a couple of weeks every year. There was an outdoor ampitheater (sp?) in the campground where we stayed.

Early in the evening before the show started we used to watch the flying squirrels jumping between the trees that were around the setting. I could never figure out how they flew until I was told that they just glided.

They were fun to watch anyway.


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♣Slew Foot♣ /

All this hate in the OT I will make a gesture I have changed my mind about squirrels I found out that squirrels plant millions of trees because they forget where they buried the nuts thank you forgetful squirrels you are still only a hazard to navigation but not a true nuisance even though you said house is on fire and such blackouts canine indigestion but still you're okay in my book

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