Re: Batshit crazy idea


The axhilarator pedal and steering is like butter


The linkage worked out good, aluminum sheets of firewall and patch panels.

Re: Batshit crazy idea

Whups the thing broke off after mowing 2 yards and 10 wheelies. I need a 5 speed anyway :)


Re: Batshit crazy idea

jesus hw this is some good shit!

this fall/winter i'm gonna build a gator-like thing out of an old mower, but do it kinda cab-over style.

it would be really nice to have a little dump bed i can haul shit around the farm like wood or bags of feed, something the kids can drive and not too fast but lots of torque to haul heavy shit up hills.

i got a 16 hp hydro Yard Man tractor that pooped the sheets on me earlier this year. pretty stoked!

basically what this guy did

Re: Batshit crazy idea

I like the scoop, I fit a snow plow piston under the bed.


The swing arm is a John Deere frame and gutted axle. attached with A arm bushings. Added 9” to the front of the frame to move the hood forward.


Re: Batshit crazy idea

Hacked F150 bumper fills the space below the hood.


I moved the steering over to drivers side with a couple moped sprockets


Re: Batshit crazy idea


Shifter moved between the seats


Re: Batshit crazy idea

The swing arm drops off with the removal of a pin on each side.


Hacked the mower hubs to bolt into a set of atv wheels.


Re: Batshit crazy idea


It’s like a swing arm on top of a swing arm.


Re: Batshit crazy idea

yep. u r truly batshit cray.

or squirrelshit?

Re: Batshit crazy idea

Hey babe, wanna go for a mow? Ha!

Re: Batshit crazy idea

> Dan G! Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> Hey babe, wanna go for a mow? Ha!

Hey babe can I mow your grass?

Re: Batshit crazy idea

My moped buddy Ricky is building a full size crazy cart. It’s gonna rip!


Re: Batshit crazy idea

> Born to be WillD Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> yep. u r truly batshit cray.


> or squirrelshit?

I have to wonder what the squirrel thinks.

Re: Batshit crazy idea

The squirrel is protecting her kids, I pet her after going thru a barbed wire fence of claws and nibbles. Thinking about shredding! I have to call her name, blink about 15 times, approach petting with my fingers together or she thinks is a bunch of snakes. All kinds of shit and she’s still grouchy. Looks like a god damn junky got a hold of it, or a weed wacker. These nerve meds I’ve been on, can’t feel the scratches. I could make it in the blood puddles or cuddle putters what is it


I sayd hey bitch on accident!

Re: Batshit crazy idea

Love the Squirl. Love all wild life.

Creatures are far more intelligent than we give them credit for.

Or rather we humans think we are the only one with feelings, emotions or intellect.

Re: Batshit crazy idea

Working on the steering for an RC powerwheels. Yesterday was my b-day and my buddy brought over a 150w razor scooter. I hacked off the good part then stripped the back wheel off, ditched the axle and replaced it with a tube. Then I’ll hack it into the steering rod and speed controller pot, to a servo and receiver.


Forward and reverse are already dun hookT up.

Speed controllers on everything so it don’t shake da babies. Not mine, they’re in college. Hah!

Re: Batshit crazy idea

♣Slew Foot♣ /

I actually just scored one of those Razor scooters and I was looking at the mounts and thinking about making a friction drive for a kid's toy but hate most people don't know squirrels are snake proof a squirrel will never get eaten by a snake because that Twitchy tail confuses a snake so much they avoid squirrels thinking that they are a hawk or a bigger snake

Re: Batshit crazy idea

Drill spinning the hobbit stuff til it broke, the belts were cut off and wired ends. I’m surprised it didn’t hold on. That’s it tho I figured out ax19 for the hobbit to pulley. The long belt will be a couple inches longer and a fuzz wider to fit the jog variatorus.

I hear u can fill an air tank and with a compressor ?!?


Some thingamajig schrader valve can be bolted in to refill the bottle quick.

Re: Batshit crazy idea

Jimmy Cincinnati /

I hear u can fill an air tank and with a compressor ?!?

Problem is, that is not an air tank it is an Oxygen tank. Air is a majority Nitrogen mixture (only about 21% Oxygen). So if your using that on a torch set up it will not work properly. ALso, oxygen tanks are usually filled between 2000-2640 psig, so your air compressor putting out 150 max psig will not put much in. My advice, just pay to have your Oxygen tank filled and make sure not to have grease or any oil based products (telfon tape, etc) on anything oxygen.

Now, with that out of the way please tell me you have a Youtube channel. Your stuff its dope, and Im sure you could make money on youtube showing your builds.

Re: Batshit crazy idea

Will this oxygen pump work? lol


I have a few short u toobs. Peds and mowers dumb stuff. Scooter Trash John Deere is the faster way to the channel on there. There’s hundreds of Scooter Trash guys videos on the tube. Thanks a lot buddy! I’m looking into buying real equipment instead of crappy phone pics.

Re: Batshit crazy idea

Should I call it a V6 ?

Re: Batshit crazy idea

My buddy fetched a Case Ingersoll Lawm tractor. It has a 5 speed transmission that I need for my Snapper. Nice and heavy duty tractor. I think I can pulley swap and have it hauling ass,, I mean grass.


Reverse Neutral and 5 speeds this is the fast one.


I’ll put some little wheels on the axle, mabe drift mowing. The little 8” rims like on front.

Re: Batshit crazy idea


my mower cart project is on the back burner for a few more months, camper now, then back to the boat, then rebuilding my subaru engine, then ahhh, maybe the brat? gotta get the 3 point working on the tractor and re-work the loader bucket, redo the hydraulic system before snow flies, maybe work on some mopeds and motorcycles in there somewhere... then lawn tractor cart? i dunno.

Re: Batshit crazy idea

^ Do NOT speak of snow!

Re: Batshit crazy idea

Check out the peerless 7 speed transmission my buddy brought over. I’ll swap the pulley to a smaller diameter then bolt it under the little snapper mower. weeee!


Re: Batshit crazy idea

The op is building a v1 to a mower axle. I had a thing jammed together with a single speed axle.


Re: Batshit crazy idea

Popped the cap, yup it’s a 6 speed.


The crud was so etched in the cases, I used a descaler air tool to chisel it clean. Baked on oily grass crap. Got it clean tho, then scrubbed gasoline and paint thinner. Good enuff, The dirty part is contained so I don’t have to wash my hands 80 times ya know,


The original pulley is 8” like a moby pulley, ditched that for a 5” pulley.

Only problem is it don’t fit without moving the axle mounts,,, again! :) then I’ll have to move the motor back so the pulleys don’t collide.


Re: Batshit crazy idea

This will be the 4th transmission and 3rd engine. The mower won’t move forward or reverse, I guess the stupid hydrostatic pump is blown. The more u rev the slower it went before it died.


I welded a 7” pulley to the engine shaft to run the drive and 7” to mow. Welded them together, I might have to change that again with this new transmission belt line. Fuuu...


I gotta have it cut tall grass too! Ha I drove it to a vacant house and mowed everything. The nayborhood looked like crap. Limped it home, hydrostatic sucks ass.

Re: Batshit crazy idea

Re: Batshit crazy idea

Take 2, I swapped the pulley even smaller down to 4”. Check out the axle rippin’


Borrowed the hub


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