My kymco full size moped 2t settings

I have a

kymco 50cc

2t 2 stroke

Stock carb 110 jet

4.5 horsepower stock with 75 jet

I have pilot jet 35 stock is 22

It runs 50mph stock ... no mods

Aftermarket short filter

Modded oil injector

Modded spark plug spacer

And modded spark plug gap

I run ..02 mm gap per 20jet increase

And .1 mm spark plug spacer

I run a performance accell noise suppresion spark plug wire,

I run idle rpm 500 to 700

1.5 inch exhaust

I run custom fuel screw air screw setting

Based on the filter

I run no front air jet

because of the size of the needle fitting.

I pull the whole front air jet out

I run a custom needle spacer

It would be just below the halfway space

I run its settings rich because the carb is small...

And the air filter is almost free flowing

Tons of r very lite fuel with a stock carb

Re: My kymco full size moped 2t settings

So is this

Just a statement?

Re: My kymco full size moped 2t settings

You interested?

Running the 110jet with the 2 stroke is fun

But it doesn't have perfect setting

The exhaust and ignition r probably not perfect

And I dont know where to leave the cvt setting..

Clutch springs ect..

Re: My kymco full size moped 2t settings

On a real daily driver with more horse

Everyone recommends a jet and exhaust upgrade

More power to me

Means to switch up the transmission

And call it a 40 to 55mph hauler

Than a 15 to 35

But I have know idea where to go

Torque monster?

High rpm mph runner .. I dunno

Re: My kymco full size moped 2t settings

Re: My kymco full size moped 2t settings

At least he put it in the OFF TOPIC...……...good job!

Re: My kymco full size mopedsettings

It's a discussion about which way to go with the whole setup....

Torque bike

Winding room bike

Ect... I dunno

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