moped dreams

anyone have just random moped dreams?

nothing consequential happens either

like last night i dreamt i went into the garage and had a chain tensioner just crumble in my hand so i had to find a new one

thats it... (edited)

Re: moped dreams

If any of your peds have it you might order a new chain tensioner just in case.

Re: moped dreams

Moped Lar (OFMC) /

I regularly have dreams that my mopeds have been stolen after I locked them up at school, work, etc. I come back to the bike rack and all that’s left is the chain and lock. (edited)

Re: moped dreams

… that I finally found a yellow QT but it fell off my motorcycle carrier and got run over by two 18-wheelers that I just passed.

Re: moped dreams

swear to god i looked at my maxi this am and thought the exact same thing

Re: moped dreams

only ever had one bike stolen, a brand new 96 cbr

from right out in front of where i worked too. god its such a shitty feeling

i lock my shit up like pee wee now


Re: moped dreams

♣Slew Foot♣ /

I have this dream that I'm naked in the woods and I'm being hunted I hear them in the woods rolling closer they're weak 6 volt horns buzz buzz buzz and they're getting closer and closer so I smear myself a 2-stroke oil camo and Hyde and wait to Ambush them always wake up with a. Amf roadmaster tearing me apart...


Re: moped dreams

Every once in a while I've had a dream where I found an elusive model moped that is rare and wonderful, looks great, great price, turnkey... then I wake up to find my collection needing work.

Re: moped dreams

♣Slew Foot♣ /

Not seriously but the other one is I live in a squalid utility apartment and I'm being overrun by moped parts and I trip over cylinders and step on Pistons and stub my toe on engine cases and then oh my God I realize I'm not dreaming...

Re: moped dreams

♣Slew Foot♣ /

And then there's the one that I'm being followed by Hitler's 37 Bismarck

Re: moped dreams

Overpriced Parts /

> Moped Lar (OFMC) Wrote:

> -------------------------------------------------------

> I regularly have dreams that my mopeds have been stolen after I locked

> them up at school, work, etc. I come back to the bike rack and all

> that’s left is the chain and lock.


Yeah after my friends brand new only one week old pacer was stolen out of my driveway in the 70s in when he came over to ride when I was in the toilet I had dreams like that,

When he came over my mother let him in, I yelled from the bathroom “are you parked in the driveway or behind the gate” as soon as he said I’m in front of the driveway gate we heard his bike start and take off, it was stolen, my ex-girlfriend a few years later told me what happened,

Her old boyfriend which was a lifetime criminal which/who were one of the few criminals in the neighborhood, stole the bike then drove it for about an hour then he set it on fire and drove it off a cliff into Lake Erie by Edgewater Beach!

6 years later when I bought a boat, I investigated it with snorkel and face mask!

Sure enough right off the gold coast of lakewood and Cleve boarder In 9-10 feet of water was the Silver and red pacer destroyed beyond believe was the bike,

I have dreams and nightmares all the time about this and I lost one of my best friends because his $600 bike (a lot of money at the time) was stolen and we were longer friends,

The same guy jumped a fence and stole my 10 speed bike she told me,

But what did him in he hit a an old lady over the head and robbed her and got 10 to 15 years in prison,

Moped or vehicle theft should be treated the way horse theft was treated in 1880s

Re: moped dreams

My e50 Maxi has been leaking tranny fluid a tiny bit. Just a drop or two a day on the floor by the right kickstand leg. I’ve been putting off investigation of the issue.

Last night I dreamt that the case was cracked under the kickstand.

Today I investigated, and replaced a brittle clutch cover gasket. Whew!

Re: moped dreams

I have dreams of actually riding 3 of my mopeds, then I wake up and realise I haven't got any free time to dedicate to them right now. I live for the dreams.

Re: moped dreams

Never had a sleeping dream about mopeds.....but wasted plenty of time daydreaming on Craigslist..... :)

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