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> Rebel Moby Wrote:

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> Best practice is to be selfish if you are going to play in the greed

> game. Companies are no longer loyal to employees like they were back a

> number of decades, even huge 'career for life' unionized corporations

> will suddenly have a mass layoff and the executive will put on the 'so

> sad' act (but not be shy to collect $$$$$$$ bonuses for the 'money

> saved' when cutting or displacing jobs). Sadly large medium and smaller

> employers seem to feel it is fair that they can now play that game.


> I have a plan B and C, which I keep up to date so that if one day I am

> fed up or show up to a locked door I can just move on. It is a source

> of monetary income, not my life, I have changed employers before and the

> world has not ended. At the moment there is more jobs than wiling

> workers in the area I live in, so that permitted me some leverage to ask

> and receive some more money on my paycheque. The sole advantage that my

> current employer has is that it is only 7 km from my farm, not a huge

> problem if I had to go further distance if anything should happen to

> this gig.


> Also I do a lot of barter, swap, trade so I do not have to rely solely

> on my income and savings to live day to day. I lived like a pauper so

> that I could get to the point where everything I own I actually own, no

> loans, no rent, no mortgage, no debt. All I owe is the next utility

> bill. I do not live like royalty, but I have everything I need and a

> number of wants taken care of as well.

^ I abide this same philosophy, it is not "popular" in today's materialistic society, but I never need fear the repo man, or work my ass off to pay for an "image".

This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.

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