Rollins vs. Stroman @ clash of champions

Wrestling fans:

Well, WWE has finally done it, they’re giving Braun his chance at the singles gold, but WHY do I think that this’ll be total squash? If anyone knows me they know I HATE smart mark shit and punch the kayfabe button harder than anyone these days but I just wish they would’ve saved this match for eh maybe Wrestlemania?? C’mon it’s a total dream card main event or at least it should be. Your thoughts?

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Brad William /

With respect, honestly, I hope this topic veers occasionally into the entertainment factor of this sport. I wanted to put sport in quotes but im earnestly attempting respect.

I get it on some level. But that understanding is never very clear. A few people's suspicions not withstanding, the outcome of any baseball game, tennis match, or Olympic wrestling meet is never predetermined. The players don't bat, and catch, or serve and return, a pretend foam rubber ball in an exciting form of pantomime. Maybe if they did their viewership would soar for all I know. I doubt it, but any more I shouldn't be surprised.

Help me. I enjoy well acted fight in an action movie with Eastwood or Chan as much as anyone else. I enjoy it despite even knowing that it's blocked out, well rehearsed, and the winner has already been decided well a head of time. "Willing suspension of disbelief" is the film nerds term for it. It's up to the skill of the director and actors, writers and crew to induce that in you. But it's a movie. It's an act. Sports exhibitions and movies are both forms of entertainment. How is it that pro wrestling successfully blurs the the difference for so many people.

If I were in a room with a dozen others watching a Clint eastwood every which way is loose barfight and we were all enjoying thing. In the same situation if I were out of my seat, waving my arms and screaming excitedly at the actors, as if I had no real clue who would win, everyone would think I was fucking nuts. But with pro wrestling I find that turned upside down. I'm the only guy in the room, sitting, while everyone else is standing shouting and waving at the actors as if they had no clue that the result was a fix, and im left to think they all may be a bit.... but I'm aiming at respectful here.

What dont I understand here.

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Brad William /

Had a shower thought. Topicc belongs here anyway. Trump's cynical math. Realizing that voters had become so rigidly partisan in recent election cycles that the 50/50 near stalemate would devil us for the foreseeable long game, even IF one sides candidate murdered someone in public on fifth avenue, he looked out at his audience of shrieking adoring idiots while ringside announcing one more pro wrestling bouts and it hit him like a big ol pot o gold. Of every 13 guys and gals who watch a Clint Eastwood brawl, one special idiot among them will always be out of his seat, pumping his, or her, fists, heartily egging on Clint with slack jawed blinking abandon. Trump realized, in a flash, that he'd found a way to separated this special group, distilliled idiocy, and get them under one roof. Holy shit. The math presented itself like a gift. He correctly surmised that the same one in 13 generally wouldn't leave their couches and television sets to vote. It's kind of a match. So what if I take this arena on the road. Throw a little Limbaugh shtick into it, and give em a show. Swap in Hillary for the villain. They'll eat it up with fucking spoons! And they'll vote!!!! They will break the stalemate. Swing that vote. Real idiocracy arrives sooner than later. God bless America. (edited)

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Bring back Coco B Ware, The Nasty Boyz Nobbs and Saggs, Big Boss Man, Legion of Doom and my 8 year old self, as that was the time I believed in WWF/WWE. Heck, I don't wanna bum you out, but Santa Claus ain't real either. You do you though and enjoy.

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Still have serious love for the macho Man...

Don't think I've watched seince the 90s tho.

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