RIP Franco Columbu

Franco Columbu 2x Mr. Olympia Dead at 78!

The 2x Mr. Olympia, World’s Strongest Man competitor, and champion Powerlifter, Franco Columbu has reportedly died in a boating accident at seas at the coast of San Teodoro, Italy.

There are little to none details at this point, but what is known that Franco’s death was caused by a boating accident. Italian news site is reporting that after the yet to be disclosed accident occurred, Franco was rushed to the hospital in San Teodoro where he passed away.

This, of course, has come as a shock to the entire bodybuilding community, especially to Arnold Schwarzenegger. The two were inseparable friends for nearly six decades and cherished their friendship all the way up until Franco’s tragic death.

Upon hearing the heartbreaking news, Arnold took to social media to express his sadness and gratitude for the loving memories. Here is only a brief paragraph from Arnold Schwarzenegger who lost his closes friend.

Re: RIP Franco Columbu

What paragraph?

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