RIP Fred Willard

One of the funniest men to have ever lived.

I had the pleasure of working with him once around 15 years ago and he was a total boss.

Dude pulls up in a GIGANTIC mint 70s Buick convertible of some sort and the cool ass motherfucker slides out wearing white fucking shoes with the gold bar just like Cousin Eddie's.

It was a stupid pilot for comedy central and we had a tiny crew so he just sat in the office with me and shot the shit for awhile before we went over to set.

He played a gynecologist that wore a shoulder holster, and a baby arm comes out of a vagina and grabs the gun and I forget the rest.

But the best skit was when he played Abraham Lincoln with Lycanthropy. By day he was busy freeing slaves, but under the glow of a full moon he became "Wolfman Lincoln"!



Re: RIP Fred Willard

He did skits on that kimmel show untill quite recently and you could see he wasn't doing well, sometimes it was even painful to watch.

He was a funny actor and i saw a surprising amount of his work, may he rest in peace.

Re: RIP Fred Willard

Overpriced Parts /

The town he’s from is like 1/2 hr from me, I seen him on so many shows, Talk shows, movies and specials, pretty funny guy and a good actor will be missed R.I.P.

Re: RIP Fred Willard

he was the perfect "dope"

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