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Its been 10 years (and 1 day) that Ronnie James Dio died. Of all the metal bands and singers I've seen in my life, he was the best.

I saw him live in 2007 with Heaven and Hell (Black Sabbath with Dio instead of Ozzy basically) a small old man stumbled upon the stage but the moment he started to sing he looked larger than life, i will never forget that moment.

Here's some Dio tunes to remember his greatness.

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♣Slew Foot♣ /

He was a decent guy too I met him many times. He owned a trout farm outside reading pa. He always played the silo the couple who ran it were good friends with him...

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I was fortunate enough to have seen him both with Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow, and with Black Sabbath.

Dio may not have been the first to do it, but he definitely brought the devil horns into mainstream rock culture, and capitulated it to being the universal sign that it now is.

As well as being a metal icon, it has been said that he was a decent human being.



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Ronnie was one of my favorites. Can't believe its been ten years already. Live evil was one of the best live albums from any band. Rip my friend.

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Wow, It does not seem like he has been gone that long....I get chills every time I hear "Heaven and Hell" Grew up on this stuff, love it to this day. Thanks for posting this, jamming to those video's really brightened my day.

Shred on RJD!

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With the great Doug Aldrich

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^ Damn, 2 gems right there, I need to get better speakers for my computer! Love it! :)

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