I smoke em.

Started with a small hardwood. Something cheap.

Ruined it.

Got a corn cob 3 years ago.

Took better care of it.

Wife bought some big, cheap walnut lookin’ “made in China” pipe for Christmas.

Bowl cracked from heat (and I smoke real slow)

Just bought a bag of 12 REALLY cheap corn cobs from amazon. They seem like a realistic version of: “Imma turn this here cob into a smokin’ pipe. They are terrible quality compared to a real Missouri meerschaum.

Smoked one, careful like, and it was very pleasant. Light. Cool. All the leaks in the bowl and stem sorta aerated the smoke.

I smoke almost exclusively black cavendish. Sometimes I mix a bit of chamomile tea into the first pinch.

Any of you know the pleasure of smoking pipe tobacco and want to share your experience?

Re: Pipes


Phil "commodore" perry and I regularly catch up over a pipe at moped events around here, he's gotten really into rebuilding and restoring old pipes and even blending some tobaccos. Pretty impressive!

Myself I smoke on and off, I'd say about weekly for the past 20 years. I started in highschool, all my friends smoked cigarettes and most wanted to quit, so I never wanted to smoke cigarettes but I wanted an excuse to hang outside with them - still that winds up being a part of the motivation.

I've got a 36 pipe rack of some really neat old real meershaum carved pipes, some oddball and foreign ones, almost all bought "used" or "estate" pipes. I've got some old corn cobs and do enjoy them quite a bit.

I go through them though, when i'm rallying or partying i stend to smoke much more, it's still heavily social for me sometimes though i also I love the solitary introspection a solo pipe can allow. but as a result of having a buncha cheap pipes and pocketing them while we ride, drinking etc, they break and get lost.

Right now my favorite are a pair of leather bound hickock I think you'd call it an "apple" style. I have 2 that match, it's light and comfortable. I also got a really funny 36" churchwarden I actually enjoy alot though it seems more a novelty.

most of my smokes right now are english blends- latakia & virginia and I like modest perique. my favorite of all time is pederson's 1865, but that's maybe discontinued now? I enjoy a lot of navy flake and the plum cake i heartily enjoy. While the fad's passed I still can't stop loving frog morton's on the bayou too.

and honestly i dig often into the cap'n too and it's good for a flavored commercial blend

Re: Pipes

Chamomile tea adds a slightly sweet, honey flavor to the smoke. Helps keep the bottom of the bowl dry if a fresh pouch is a little too moist. Taste is harsh when it finally burns down to it. I often don’t smoke all the way to the bottom anyhow.

Every bowl sort of crescendos past halfway and I go a little past that then slow down, usually clenching it and barely drawing a puff, while I go about doing something else. When the pipe goes out, I stir the ash and dottle, give it a shake and dump it out.

I have no tolerance for nicotine. So, I usually stick to the most mild stuff I can find.

Re: Pipes

i agree i also prefer less nicotine, but at the same time enjoy a spot of perique. Definitely nobody likes the bottom of a pipe, it's like the last chug on a 40oz

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