Ef/EE Honda's

Anybody else into them?I picked up a wagon for really cheap last year.So far I have replaced the rear drum brakes,and slave cylinders,flushed all the fluids,and put a alternator on it.I am torn on putting coilovers on it.It needs new rear trailing arm bushings,and that's my next project.I feel I should put the coilovers on then too.I plan to vtec swap heads .I have the civic wagon,and it's a 91 real time awd so it makes motor swaps more difficult .This is my first car project.I have my stock steel wheels ,and I want to have them rebarrelled .Here is a pic of my car along with two other guys cars i just met .


Re: Ef/EE Honda's

dude, love those. Charlie had one,

my dad had an old civic hatchback, it was cool

I used to have a sentra wagon, kinda similar vibes, I loved it and also hated it - super unreliable but cool lil car.

later on after the civic my dad had a plymoth colt vista which was a pretty nice little Japanese tallwagon, again pretty similar deal

Re: Ef/EE Honda's

Yeah I was working for Honda Power Equipment ,and one of the guys had it.I was actually just looking for a Corolla or just anything reliable .I mentioned to him old Honda's were one car I wanted ,and he said I said the right thing.lol.So every 3 years the Japanese bosses at Honda get a new car ,and put their old ones in a section of the parking lot of the factory,and let the employees bid on them.In 94 my car came up in the parking lot.It was one of the Japanese bosses wives cars,and the guy I bought it from was the second owner.I always liked the wagons ,so I had to have it.I like Subaru wagons also ,and i guess this was Honda's answer to the legacy outback.Seven years ago I was scared to take my side covers off my tomos.Over the years I built so many different brand bikes ,and got pretty good and efficient at it.I feel I learn something with each build I end up using in real life ,or my jobs.I have five mopeds right now I am building.I never had money to build a cool car,so this is my first one I am really trying to learn on.Hopefully I can get pretty decent at it like I did mopeds. (edited)

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