Since living in France for 4 years now, our holidays are usually spent going back to the UK to see my family or over the other side of France to see my inlaws.

Because of Covid, we thought it best not to travel to the UK and over at my inlaws was where the virus hotspot of France was.

We booked a week on the west coast, only a couple of hours from home, but we needed a break. We got a great deal from friends who have a rental mobile home on a lovely little site with a pool.

Today we went to a fortified town around 10 minutes away. It is voted one of the most pituresque villages in France. There were some artisan shops and one of them was a glass blower. Straight away the stand out item for me was this Velosolex. The photos I took don't do it any justice at all. I was so tempted to get it, but it was €170 ($200), not a huge amount for the labour involved but a little too pricey for my pocket right now.


Re: Holidays

So where have you managed to get away to? Share some photos. I'll put some up over the week. If I spot any mopeds, I'll snap a pic.


Re: Holidays

I should have snapped a few pics of my rides here in maine for you. I will get a few in the next few days

Re: Holidays

Right now I'm just visiting nice places in the neighborhood. Hopefully going to Belgium soon to visit Brussels.

Today i visited this ancient burial site.


Re: Holidays

Couple months back did a 4000 mile road trip with long time friends. Visited New Mexico, Colorado, Utah (moab) and destination was Wyoming.

Friends got layed off in all this craziness and were supposed to get married, said fuck it after everything was canceled so we spent our time in the middle of nowhere places in national forests.

Was nice to escape the madness for a bit.


Re: Holidays

Jimmy Cincinnati /

I was aching to see some big water so I took a 1 day trip up to Benton Harbor Michigan about 2 weeks ago. its about 4.5 hours from me. I drove up with the wife and kids, swam in the "ocean" for a few hours, walked some pairs, ate some good pizza, and came back home. too short but it still something... all my trips / events have been canceled! i was pretty Gung ho about masking up and avoiding people.

that scooter isn't mine but I was just glad to see someone enjoying the beach scene on something small and 2 stroke.


Re: Holidays

Metropolitans are 4 stroke.... cool pics though!

Re: Holidays

"holiday" haha - very European.

we've been doing some camping. biking. stuff close enough to not have to do any real traveling, but still fun. Missing family too.

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