Saw this the other day. Fuck is that rad. I would ride that anyday.

Screenshot_20200726-135756_Samsung Internet.jpg

Re: Electric

punkrock randy /

That thing would be so quietly beautiful. I love the looks of the T-bone frames, can’t wait to get mine straightened out . 1 year older and mine would’ve had the tank knee pads😕 (edited)


Re: Electric

Yeah was very beautiful time for bikes. My yami is in the same design. Just pulled it out of the shed after years of seeing it and man it is small like a ped.


Re: Electric

That is sweet. I like the looks of the battery slung low like that. Maybe a little too exposed. But beautiful.

I really don’t enjoy the electric stuff as much as 2 stroke. But it is amazing and getting to be so powerful, inexpensive, battery stamina and longevity is progressing.

I built the little ped for my kid and it really has me thinking about future transportation.

Like, the hybrid pedelectric velomobiles. Could be a legit, year round vehicle for everyday travel.

I really need to learn how (and tool up) to build my own battery and BMS. The Limitation of choice and price buying off the shelf packs is disappointing.

Re: Electric

I remember seeing this a while back. I had a similar idea w a sebring, probably still gonna do it. that price tag is pretty unrealistic, not saying they didn't do it for under a grand, but they definitely got a lotta free and cheap hook-ups to do it that most people aren't gonna fall into.

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