I always watch my Netflix documentaries

I often see stories of terrorist, people going postal, etc. and think to myself that if I was gonna lose it and be evil, I would certainly be a lot better at it.

Most plots suck. The bombs either don’t work or work poorly. They shoot hundreds of rounds and only get a few victims.

NOW... I don’t want these people to be better at what they do. I very happy that they are failures.

Every so often, some lunatic “gets it right” and this story is one of those.

I’m also happy that nobody got hurt except for him. Still sad. But, he knew what he was doing so that’s his choice.

So, do you think he was a little bit crazy guy pushed way to far by a whole town of bullies? Or just so crazy that his delusion directed his action?

I missed this when it happened. So, it’s odd to just now hear this story.

Re: Tread

we were just talkin about him in another thread among other vigilantes etc. dude's a psycho for sure but he "became unreasonable" in at least a very entertaining and fortunately innocent-casualty-free way

Re: Tread

For the first 10-15 min I was almost on his side. Sounded like he was getting the shaft.

I’m sure they do that on purpose.

That all vanished when they got to the part about trying to buy him out and he refused to sell.

Then there was the miracle of the dozer fitting in the door. Absolutely a divine sign/intervention.

But he did alright for a muffler guy.

I’m not really pro-vigilante. But, knowing that some people are willing to crack and go crazy probably keeps the lid on some people from being bigger assholes than they are.

I can appreciate that.

Re: Tread

Haven't seen the documentary, so thanks, I'll check it out.

If you want to see the real thing, look up "killdozer" on YouTube. It's pretty awesome.

Re: Tread

it took like 15 hours to get inside the thing even after he blew his brains out

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