I need to rant about something

In highschool I got into photography, Soo much so that even after I dropped out, my photography teacher let me interrupt any class all day if I needed the dark room. Great guy.

Three years later, in 2010. I jumped on board with this guy Florian kaps and started buying film from his startup. The Impossible Project...what did they do? When Polaroid ended film production in 09 after an old ceo that is now in prison demanded it. Florian bought all of the manufacturing equipment. Hired back ex-polaroid chemists and completely reformulated the chemistry. And in early 10' succeeded in releasing a brand new film for Polaroid 600 series cameras..

Eventually they revived sx70, spectra, and even the "holy shit!that existed!?!" 8x10in format. Eventually they were able to buy back the Polaroid name, and finally the intellectual property. So now they have access to original reagent formulation and the ability to revive old chemistry, if they decide to. Great!

Apparently, recently they discontinued spectra.the wide format film released in 85'....not only that, they blamed it on the cameras....Florian left a few years ago, diddnt take long for shit to go south. Really! The fucking cameras! Bullshit, this was only business. Guess who shoots spectra? Not 16 year olds with a vintage fetish. I fucking do. THE WHOLE POINT OF THE IMPOSSIBLE PROJECT WAS TO SAVE THE CAMERAS

I bought Soo much and tested Soo much that I have a lifetime 10% discount on film, and received a letter from Florian. WONDER HOW LONG THATLL LAST

I have over 12,000 integral Polaroids that I have taken myself. Original chemistry and impossible chemistry. I gave this company tons of money, became a film chemistry tester. And biggest of all told people "this is a good company, give them money"

I'm Soo fucking sad right now, almost as sad as when fuji discontinued fp-100 the last peel apart and the best instant film avalble.

Welcome to the machine TIP, ohh I mean Polaroid.

I bet sx70 is next. But at least you can shoot 600 in an sx70 with an nd filter. Was hoping for new time-zero manipulable. Not happening now (edited)

Re: I need to rant about something

♣Slew Foot♣ /

I do know that the Polaroid's are still used in insurance Company reports and there are Vintage Stock piles the railroad uses Polaroid's exclusively for insurance purposes digital cameras and processed film can be tampered with there will always be a film for those cameras

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