Minarelli returns to Italy

Yamaha japan bought out minarelli a while back and Fantic Motor is buying it back, and bringing it back to Italy.

Here's the article. Use Google translate to read it in english. Unless you speak italian...


Re: Minarelli returns to Italy

So Fantic will receive 100% ownership of Motori Minarelli from Yamaha by years end, with Yamaha continuing to be a major collaborator in the research and development of future Minarelli engines? Sounds like a good thing (edited)

Re: Minarelli returns to Italy

I'll believe it when I see it.

Probably just another Garelli "rebirth" where they'll slap italian stickers on shitty plastic scoots made with Chinese/Indian parts.

Re: Minarelli returns to Italy

Italians haven't made anything decent for over 30 years, so i doubt they'll do anything good now.

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